Chempro operates various Warehouse Management Systems on behalf of clients. 

We can seamlessly integrate your inventory into our business process management system allowing us to manage your inventory for you through any method you choose, including email, phone or fax.


  • Regular storage utilising pallet racking systems
  • Food grade storage
  • Liquid storage
  • MAF biosecurity sea container accreditation
  • Dangerous Goods Storage
  • Chemical storage bunkers
  • Fully compliant
  • With two sites and warehouse capacity in excess of 15,000 square metres, storage and warehousing are core components of our business. We are highly experienced and fully licensed to handle and store both hazardous and non-hazardous goods.

  • We utilise automatic systems that offer precise reporting on stock movement and inventory and can process your client's orders directly (as if they were contacting you directly). Both sites are accredited by the New Zeakand Food Safety Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a Transitional Facility for Sea Containers. Contact us for site location details.